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Drinks In The Seats is now a registered trademark!


Drinks In The Seats will delay it’s opposition of Alcohol Establishment Licenses until 2018. Go to Missions & News Links under Mission #1 to find out on what this is all about. One of the reasons for the delay is that Managing Member, Ryan Strnad is now a Registered Lobbyist in the City of Milwaukee. A Liquor Store Association organization which figures to be tied to the Drinks In The Seats Political Action Committee is in the works as well.


More area billboards are on the way! As the one that ignited us media attention goes down today (Hawley Rd & Bluemound Rd in Milwaukee,Wi), two others will go up for the month of August. One being on 84th Street displayed north as you are approaching a northwest entrance of the fairgrounds. The other being on Becher St. & First St. While the latter location will have the traditional look like the one above, the “fairgrounds area location” will include a picture of someone sporting our shirts. You can still see the above location at 37th St. & National Ave through mid-October.


Drinks In The Seats will have a booth at Mukwonago Maxwell Street Days during three of the four weekends when the annual summer flea market is held in June, August & September. Go to Maxwell St. Days for more info.


Our shirt sale is now up and running! Purchase them on this site, or look for us on Milwaukee (WI) streets near events all summer long.


Drinks In The Seats is now a registered Political Action Committee & Conduit with the State of Wisconsin.


Drinks In The Seats is now a LLC and registered with the State of Wisconsin.


We welcome Beth Beaudoin and Judith Valla who will be doing some treasury, bookwork and other work for us.


Startup Creator, Ryan Strnad recently met with former and once powerful Wisconsin State Senator, Brian Burke. Mr. Burke, who has been back practicing law for awhile, gave his best and offered some good insight as we move forward. He could be a good possible consultant for us down the road.

Our first ever T-Shirt drive is set to begin in March. It will feature a creative design of the words “Drinks In The Seats” with our website listed on the back. Hopefully, this could raise some good money.