Public Statement on bill to lower Wisconsin drinking age

Ryan Strnad, Managing Member and Lobbyist for Drinks In The Seats,LLC , Political Action Committee & Political Conduit issues the following statement for the current attempt to lower the drinking age in Wisconsin.

“Wisconsin should’ve never went to 21 years of age to drink alcohol in the first place. Us being the first state to lower it would reiterate that Wisconsin really is the drinking capital of America. The draw from outside populous regions such as Chicago & the Twin Cities would offset any unfair freeway forfeitures that would incur.”

Ryan Strnad – Managing Member/Lobbyist for Drinks In The Seats,LLC, Political Action Committee & Political Conduit
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Golf Tournament

Drinks In The Seats is a sponsor of it’s first event!

A charity golf outing benefiting the Joel Zelinski Memorial Scholarship Fund and Whitnall High School Football, Wrestling & Golf teams. Unfortunately, with this being posted (after the details were learned), no links would be relevant to getting involved in this particular event as it takes place on Sunday Sept. 24th. But Drinks In The Seats is happy to be a hole sponsor, and would look forward to the prospect of hosting more local events (SE Wisconsin & beyond) in the foreseeable future. Go to Let us help!

We also gladly accept donations. Send them too:

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Hurricane Harvey

With $5 given per shirt during our impromptu fund raiser to help vendors missing work at both Houston stadiums (football & baseball), each group of workers will receive a $50 check sent the week of Sept. 20th to help the vendors. Also, due to hurricane Irma, $20 will be given to the Red Cross in the wake of that storm which also resulted in vendors being out of work.

Let us help!

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Maxwell St. Days

Due to another commitment, we have decided to abort our final scheduled day at Maxwell Street Days for 2017 (Sept. 9th). As an apology, please go to and use coupon code 2017 to receive $2 off a shirt. Sorry for any last minute inconvenience.

Maxwell Street Days is located at Field Park in Mukwonago, WI. On the SW corner of the intersection of HWY 83 & Co. Hwy NN. Our booth will be located at the extreme SouthEAST corner of Field Park/Flea Market right by the walk-in entrance off HWY 83. Go to for more info about the monthly summer flea market.